Saturday, February 6, 2010

At the studio downtown-

The city is feverishly preparing for the Olympics which means that I had to change my route to the studio downtown for my regular Friday session. Which was great fun when I didn't think of the amazing length of extra time it took to get back home because of all the detours and traffic. Truly, I love exploring new routes, but I also love coming back home.

Two more things: do you love Hanna's drawings? I do. Their simplicity and sensitivity and subtlety and gorgeous inventiveness. When I feel I need to find tranquility and gentelness and generally something that will make it 'all alright', I look at Hanna's work. Then all is alright once again!

Then there is Lisa Solomon's work and that is a different sort of love but love it is. I adore the layers of space and meaning and complexity in her work. At the same time there is brilliant clarity and 'breathing space' and beautiful color, innovation and gorgeous texture. A feast for the eyes and lots of food for thought!

Don't you love it ? All these amazing artists at your fingertips? I feel grateful, excited and inspired !

Hugs my sweet friends!


Laura said...

thanks, annamaria-i know and love lisa's work, but not hanna's. so beautiful. thanks for sharing. said...

what happy links to visit.your blog inspires ME! be well

Kylie said...

Wow! You have an Olympics coming up?? How ignorant am I of goings-on in the world ;) Sounds exciting. There must be a real buzz to the city.
Yes, I do love the silence in Hanna's work. Her works are just exquisite. But yes I have to admit that I absolutely love and adore Lisa's pieces. She is totally amazing. Thanks for this beautiful interlude in my weekend Annamaria. Kx

lisa solomon said...

hello annamaria.... thank you so much for your kind kind kind words. they make me blush.

and for the introduction to hanna's work. really beautiful [as is yours!]

annamaria potamiti said...

Thank you all, my sweet friends-
Annamaria xx