Friday, February 26, 2010

Colourful rain-

Hello colourful rain.
Hello colourful rain.
The morning spent drawing downtown. There is a structure I have to follow there. I don't have to make all the rules. I am involved in the same task alongside other fellow artists and friends. It breaks that isolation of the studio at home. And I always enjoy the drive there and back. It's a time to look out for inspiration...

Then a quick lunch. A real tablecloth. A treat for a coffee shop!
I have been getting very anxious about things. I get hives all the time. Isn't that weird? I know its a state of mind. I try. I know I must seperate what I am in control over with what I am not. I try. Then sometimes I forget. So I try to carry my camera with me all the time. That's soothing.
I look at lovely artwork. That's soothing too.
Here are two artists I just discovered:


kirsty said...

I really love those 'rainy' shots... Have a great weekend! x

Jude said...

Yes - wonderful rain streaked pictures!

Mandy said...

Just adore the rain photographs, so divine, thanks