Monday, February 22, 2010

Controlled panic-

The day in the studio at home.

I am living in a semi-controlled panic attack. The gallery space is huge for the size of my paintings. Will I have enough? I am running as fast as I can-

I can't post any of the work yet- I want to complete this , whatever it is called- a phase?

One of my main issues has been focus and if I post the work it will ruin whatever focus I have right now. So I will take photos for you here. By the way, I am beginning to love my camera and the things it can do for me. How it forces me to discover things.

I was very excited to come across the work of this artist, here



kirsty said...

Don't panic - 'Keep calm and carry on' as we say over here! Can't wait to see your work when it's finished.
I know what you mean about your camera - even that shot of dying tulips looks a painting! x

Kylie said...

Hang in there Annamaria! I'm sure they are wonderful and I'm very excited about seeing them soon. have faith in yourself. Your photos are so beautiful. I've been thinking I need to improve on that side of things myself. Good luck - I'll be thinking of you :) K

Juliette Crane said...

i've been there before. i know it's hard, but it's helped me to try and just enjoy the excitement of the moment you're in:)

your artwork is beautiful and lovely. good luck to you!

annamaria potamiti said...

Thank ou so much dear friends- it means so much to me to have your encouragement!
Annamaria xx

Laura said...

what a wonderful link, thanks for sharing. breathe through your nose-regarding the panic-thats what i do! its amazing how fast it can calm you down. your show will be amazing-it could not be anything else:)

red or gray art said...

i am thinking of you
knowing that you are going to be GREAT!
loving the shadows and reflections today

annamaria potamiti said...

Thank you Laura and Elk, my sweet, sweet friends!!-
Annamaria xx

Juliette Crane said...

sorry to hear you had trouble commenting on my blog. thank you for thinking of it. hopefully it was just a bad computer day.

best wishes:)

at swim-two-birds said...

just do what you have to do, everything will be ok in the end, good luck with the exhibition:)

Jane O Sullivan said...

yep I can see why you like her work
you are so right to stay focus , its still being formed ...the body of work and when its ready , you will know

Victoria said...

Hang in there! Trust yourself and the process... you will do wonderfully!

(By the way... your photos are beautiful and very calming. xo)