Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Here comes the rain again-

The clouds have gathered again.

So there is no excuse for the work not to keep going.

The house is mess and I guess it will remain so until the beginning of April!

I have to tell you though, I am having terrific fun in the studio.

And Lucy is doing some lovely painting as well. I think she is inspired by her mom's buzzing workspace.

Right now I feel like this, and I am due to go upstairs and read the first chapter of 'The Secret Garden ' to my little girl.

Before I run I have a lovely link for your ears(my daughter Elli introduced me to them)


Anonymous said...

I like that "The house is a mess but I'm having terrific fun in the studio" !! And that's how it should be :)

Kylie said...

Love the rain... I find it incredibly inspiring and invigorating. I hope it does the same for you Annamaria! Love your palette shots and that tired artist link was fabulous :) K

our little love nest said...

Beautiful photos...I know it may sound strange but I miss Vancouver's rain. It feels so cleansing.
That orange is making me crazy hungry. My youngest son loves it if I am constantly working on art. It makes him happy to be surrounded by creative messes. That video is wonderful. I love all of the instruments, right down to the bright green garbage bin percussion. It would be incredible to hear them live. Thanks for the uplift in my morning!! xoxo

annamaria potamiti said...

Hi sweet friends- I am happy you enjoyed my links- too good to keep quiet about them!
Annamaria xx