Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The real state of affairs-

The real state of affairs- unedited...

On the window- Lucy's reasures-

On the 'thinking couch'-the dog the girls made collectively last year-

On the desk- a drawing I did two days ago, but I don't think I will use. Isn't she a mean mommy? That's how I feel today, I got mad at Lucy for being too messy and too late this morning(again) because she spent soooo much time doing her hair!!!!!! Of course I am guilty of al these things too all the time, so why did I get mad and why did I not kiss her goodbye? Mean mommy-

But still some things appear to be ready, and look pretty happy too-The city is happy and looking all excited- the final countdown to the Olympics- I need to take my camera downtown one of these days- ...-
And I have to say- you must see 'calculus'-have you already? It's breathtaking-



Art Wall Katie said...

Oh I think the things that bug us most about our little ones are the things that bug us most about ourselves. You're not a mean mommy. Love the new painting.

redorgrayart said...

you always make me smile..you are honest and artistic in the same breath!

our little love nest said...

I love your unedited workspace. Yours is a lot neater than mine. ;)
Your honesty is so refreshing.

Victoria said...

What a wonderful post. I have had my share of mean mommy days, too... you are not alone, and I appreciate your honesty. It is obvious that you are truly a good and caring mommy. xo
(The little toy dog is adorable!)

annamaria potamiti said...

Thank you sweet friends-
Annamaria xx

Kylie said...

I love your finished piece Annamaria! It's so happy :) I'm a mean mummy too.. but it usually has nothing to do with whatever my girls have done and everything to do with me... I try to explain to my girls afterwards why I was so uptight and apologise... They usually understand, which is an amazing blessing I have in my life. I'm pretty sure you have it too :) Kx

annamaria potamiti said...

I know Kylie- I think I have been too absorbed in the studio work lately and my relationship with Lucy is starting to suffer- I have to work on it- It's so nice though to know I can share these things and I will be understood here!
Annamaria xx

Kim Baise said...

The children's art is wonderful. They have such creativity and wonderful imaginations....like you. You are a great mother.... a real mother and one who is Not Perfect....like me (:
This is why I read your blog, not only is your art inspiring but is also so honest and real.
I predict that your children will grow to be just like you (even better!)

Laura said...

love both pieces, annamaria. and, i get mad at my elle because she won't brush her long, long hair. i feel like people will think she is a neglected child she can look so unkempt! i know exactly how you feel, i think i am mean sometimes too, but deep down i know all the cajoling and correcting comes from an incredible love and devotion to raising and bringing them up to be people who can, eventually, take care of themselves... xo laura

Anonymous said...

I 've just had a 'mean mommy' moment too with my 14 year old, but actually I think they need to cross a line sometimes and feel the repercussions! And I like that drawing!!