Monday, March 22, 2010

back to work-

Spring comes into the studio. I don't pay attention really. I am doing these grey pictures. I am obsessed with the thickness of the paint. I think I am trying to turn acrylics into oils.

It's almost unfinished and yet I am very satisfied with it. Even though everyting is still, everything is moving .I like that. I am obsessed with these little pots on tables. I want to make millions of them. I love looking at them.

I guess I had to make a painting with a fox in it. I saw one once during a hike in Greece. I saw it only for a plit second because it run away so fast.

And this actually got too bright in the scanning process. It's not. It's very moody and grey and it drives me crazy happy. Is one allowed to say that about one's work? But it does. Usually my work drives me crazy mad, so why not say a good thing when there is a good thing to say?
I am running. I have to finish the laundry, tack Lucy in bed and do the evening walk before Nigel and I watch a video about Iceland. I am so in need of some traveling right now but since none is about to happen, I got the next best thing from the library: some Globe Trekker fun!


kirsty said...

Thanks for showing us these, I really love them. The fox is spot-on... It's perfectly fine to admit you are happy with your work too!

annamaria potamiti said...

Thank you kirsty- its a funny thing talking about one's own work-
Annamaria :)

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

such wonderful new work, with a warm thoughtful palette, love the mood of these

our little love nest said...

I adore the fox!!
I am so feeling wanderlust, myself!
p.s. Oh yes, they should make you happy. If these were my paintings, I would jump up and down with pride and delight!

Laura said...

glorious annamaria! all the paintings are glorious. they make me want to sing.

Kylie said...

I think they look just wonderful - there's something about the softness and depth combination that very alluring. Sorry I haven't been around much lately - things have been piling up on me here and it was all too much. hopefully I'm back now ;) Thanks for your beautiful posts - they always make me feel more centered. Kx