Saturday, March 20, 2010

Out and about-

These last two photos are from the 'Jimmy Hendrix shrine'. i have no idea who has created this, but I always wanted to take some photos there.
Not exactly a quiet Saturday. Lets not kid ourselves. Raising teenagers is not a quiet business...
But thankfully walking is good for the mind, the body and our appetites. And my appetite for art.
Here is another link I just discovered.


Kylie said...

I love walking too! Isn't it just the best mind-clearer and soul feeder? We're in exam block at the moment so the cries of teenage frustration and my screams at the time-wasting are pretty mad ;) Your link to Dorough's work was a real treat - what fabulous pieces, espec the abstracts! Loved them. Hope your work is coming along well Annamaria :) Kx

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

That picture, the dark turquoise wall and flowering quince is so beautiful. And yes, walking.
Good for us in every way!

annamaria potamiti said...

I think there is plenty of 'walking' ahead for me... until my children are all settled in some safe and organised space inside their minds...-I am totally there with you with the exam block thing!-just, just as you are describing it-!And I am glad you likes Dorough's work, the abstracts are my favourites too-
and she is Australian... you might actually get to see them in real space-!Thanks so much for stopping by Kylie, I always love your visits-

And Julie thank you for stopping by as well-I thought you might enjoy Dorough's work- I am happy you enjoyed that phot-o- the house (that the wall belongs to was pretty striking altogether)always lovely to see you here-

Annamaria xx

Laura said...

teenagers! always challenging-but also rewarding. ANNAMARIA I LOVE LOVE YOUR NEW BANNER! BRILLIANT:)

Kim Baise said...

The colors in your photos are gorgeous!!!!
I love following your blog. Your art sense is wonderful and truly inspiring :)

Jane O Sullivan said...

hello annamaria ....the noise in this house !!!
I hope that your show is shaping up well ,and yes walking is my rest space ...I love it so .

My Owl Barn said...

I love the third picture with the turquoise wall and flowers. Yes, walking, it's fun!

ELK said...

walks . teenagers...perhaps the mother of a teen built the shrine?! seriously..I am happy to nod my head in understanding and enjoy your photo journal as always!!