Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 11- week 3- order, old and new-

In the sports section of the New York Times, pD1, 'Bred to Seek Blood', is about a farmer who breeds greyhounds to hunt coyotes. Hunting as sport is these days controversial, and the possibility of making this particular activity illegal great. 'Some animal-rights groups say the practice is inhumane', and yet all I was thinking of when I read the article were the paintings of Andrew Wyeth with the dead deer. I have my own thoughts about hunting and how at times it can be a 'normal' activity(I hope I am not misunderstood here, I am talking of our past as a species, and of people like the Innuit whose sole survival depended on hunting). I am thinking of 'order', and of 'old order'( as in cultural practices) and how new order evolves out of new needs and new circumastances. And of course there is conflict.
In the editorial section ,p.A20, under 'Cape Wind and Mr. Salazar', there is information about the possible building of a wind farm. On the one hand, the wind farm is an important step in the creation of an alternative energy source, on the other hand there are two Indian tribes which are concerned that the turbines would' disturb ancestral burial grounds on lands that were above water thousands of years ago'. Of course there is conflict. Is it because of order becoming disorder? or is it the making of a new order all together that reflects new needs?
isn't it the same with art practices?

This is another drawing I started a few days ago. It has nothing to do with the project apart from the paper I chose to use this week. I am becoming so very fond of transparent paper and this one is absolutely lovely.



our little love nest said...

You have one incredible mind, Annamaria. I love your depth in both words and in your art! That paper is a gorgeous backdrop for your work and I really love the drawing at the bottom of the post!! Wishing you a lovely day!
Thanks for your wonderful encouragement and wise words, they made my day yesterday!

annamaria potamiti said...

Hi Dee, lovely to have you visit, you say the most beautiful things!
Thank you so much!
Annamaria xx

Kylie said...

Fascinating and incredibly subtle delicate and breathtaking all at the same time :) Kx