Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 12- connections and life-lines-

Precious sunlight-Rea on her way out.

The drawing today is about connections and life lines. In the science section of the New York Times today, there are two articles side by side ,pD1. One about genes, 'Finding genes in odd places' and how we basically share genes or clusters of genes, with all sort of creatures, from plants to jellyfish , to bats, to whales and so forth. Don't you love this? The interconnectedness, the way we truly all belong to connected 'life lines'.
The second article ,'17 Years later...',is about cancer survivors-patients connecting and sharing stories over the web, strengthening, encouraging and just 'witnessing' each other-a different set of life-lines but similar in the sense that the stories shared can become the cornerstones of somebody else's healing and survival.
I want to celebrate this!

I also want to cheer for a friend from Montreal who has just made a beautiful artzine- You can find it in her etsy store.

And last but not least, did you see the interview with artist Brandi Strickland in Belinda's blog?
It's excellent!



Laura said...

a post with a plethora of riches! thank you for sharing all of it, annamaria. the drawing sings:)

annamaria potamiti said...

Thank you Laura, lovely to have you visit-
Annamaria :)

our little love nest said...

I love that!! A friend was just telling me that part of why she cares for other women so much is because she truly believes we are all inner connected. I agree! Another gorgeous drawing and post!

Jane O Sullivan said...

hello annamaria , just wanted to say hi and wow oh wow ....so much to see here and read , I have been unable to keep up as I would like too and I can see that you have been to some really cool places with your art
fantastic and thank you for sharing your journey and all that surrounds and is what you do (always with such honesty and passion)
B.T.W cool drawings missy

belinda marshall said...

another beauty!
glad you liked the interview + thanks for sharing the link :)
happy drawing + reading!

ELK said...

how did the week get away from me..visited the two link artists, wonderful ..and then you my artist friend , am loving the series//the lines .the colors . grid work and all!!

Kylie said...

I am so totally in love with this one too... Tell me, are you finding it as rewarding as I am? To see these beautiful thoughtful compact worlds before you must be a joy :) Kx