Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 3- Lost hands-

Things are changing. The air is warmer. The sky clear.
And I spent the day in the studio.
For day three, again from the New York Times, I picked an article :' includes the names on street signs'
and a little note on the calendar:'for hand in hand ,... a group supporting cooperative Arab-Israeli public schools ...'
I realised that I was intuitively attracted to articles about conflict and resolution, even if real resolution was still a very remote possiblility.
Will these drawings always be about conflict?
Am I picking these because the newspaper is about conflict and resolution?
What would happen if I spent a week reflecting on a newspaper written in a language that would be impossible for me to understand , for instance a Japanese newspaper? would I be able to 'feel' something about the content just from the sense of order iin the writing and the disruption of the flow?
I think this sounds like fun and it will be part of this
project. I just have to find a source for foreign newspapers

Three small watercolors were the result of today's work for the project
after the initial drawing.
The ideas of conflict-resolution here
developed into the theme of 'lost hands' which I think I could work with over and over again.



belinda marshall said...

beautiful work!
yay for day 3 :)

annamaria potamiti said...

Thank you Belinda-
Annamaria :)

Anonymous said...

Annamaria I'm really enjoying this drawing project of yours. It's inspired me to loosen up a bit and explore! I love the bottom painting, it conveys a lot. Claire x

lisa solomon said...

these look lovely!! the colors are really great.... and i love the idea behing this project.

isn't it great when the weather starts to turn?

annamaria potamiti said...

Thank you claire- I am glad there is a trickle effect...!

Thank you Lisa! Your own work is so much part of the inspiration here- I am so happy you find it interesting!
Annamaria :)XX

Liivia said...

I like your art really much!

ELK said...

group effort here my friend ..

Sophie Munns said...

Hi there,

just found you through the lovely Gloria... and do so love this work you are doing!
best wishes,