Monday, April 19, 2010

The real self? Day 6-week 2-

I wasn't really inspired by the paper today (the New York Times) and I looked through it three times. I finally found what I was looking for on page A22, at the obituaries. A poem caught my eye:

I've had tangled feelings lately
About ev'rything
Bout writing poetry, and otha
Bout talkin and dreamin with a
Special man (who says he need me)
Uh huh And my mouth has been
Most of the time but
I ain't been saying nothin but
Thinking about ev'rything
And the partial pain has been
How do I put myself in paper
The way I want to be or am and
Not like any one else in this
Black world but me

The more I read this the more I love its directness and sharp rythm- It was written by Carolyn Rodgers.
In the nest column the obituary is about a psychiatrist , James F. Masterson.

I stopped at this comment :
'The psychotherapy of personality disorders'...'is an attempt to put people back in touch with their real selves'
How much can we know our real selves?
How much can art connect us with our uncovered, undiscovered, hidden selves? Obviously, one doesn't have to have a personality disorder to have a sense that some part of their self is always out of reach.
The drawing is really an experiment.
I drew on frosted mylar and then I drew at the back of the same paper and then I drew on a white piece of watercolor paper placed behind the frosted layer. I love transparencies and layering and this opens up a whole range of possibilities. Hmmm....
Hope you had a fun weekend-


Gloria Freshley Art and Design said...

Love the delicateness of this...the colors, the short, horizontallines, the smudges. The poem. And the poem,very thought provoking.

red-handed said...

The poem is fab. And selves ... yes, my wife is doing her masters on "possible selves", which sounds like magic to me.

Laura said...

love the poem and the drawing... annamaria your work is really transporting me these days... not sure if we ever know ourselves-we are not finite the more we look the more we see...

annamaria potamiti said...

Thank you Gloria, Red and Laura for coming by and writing these thoughtful, interesting comments- I am loving it!
Annamaria xx

our little love nest said...

I read your post early this morning and I can't stop thinking about it. You have such incredible depth, friend. I long to be more thought driven like you. It shows in your wonderful art work which is growing more and more lovely if that is possible. What a gorgeous photo of your daughter. She is just beautiful. Awesome backdrop behind her too.

Amanda Nicole said...

I love love that first image. So surreal.

Alexandra Hedberg said...

this image makes me think of a children's book I had when I was a kid.Love the vivid colours!

By the way: I tagged you at my blogg

belinda marshall said...

even though i am behind with your project, i am loving it!
it's so interesting to read and see what you are coming up with.
keep going!