Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 5- About beauty

There is pink and white beauty.
There is beauty when you look up.

There is beauty is unexpected contrasts.

I read only the arts section of the New York Times today because there were urgent errands to attend to and I was falling behind with time. So technically
this was not really 'news' but art reviews, but then I am not prepared to get very technical about it. I thought it was very interesting to do a drawing in response to art reviews. I think I should do it again as it is a source of much learning!
There was a review by Holland Cotter, 'Eva Hesse', and another titled 'Shirley Jaffe, by Roberta Smith.
....'Her goal (Eva Hesse)...was to make art that gave us no idea what we were looking at, that left us wondering whether we should come close and touch or back away...' and
....'Beauty is never simple or empty. It is won. It takes thought. Perhaps most beautiful of all, it is thought.'...(both on page C27)
I was turning these quotes around in my mind for a while, and it occured to me that if beauty is indeed 'thought' then beauty is 'free'. Free not in the sense of cheap and easy to come by, but in the sense of not being attatched to this or that. There is something exhilarating about that.
For better or for worse these were the five drawings of week one. If this is going to work I have to take some time out too, so I will not be drawing for the project over the weekends.I have found the work this week very
enlightening and exciting. My only problem is that I could spend soooo much more time with each theme that arises daily.
Thank you so much for all your encouraging comments!!
Have a lovely weekend-


ELK said...

i am so happy to see your days of drawing ... i feel inspired by you as always! I am going to back track and leave a word for each day..blessings friend

annamaria potamiti said...

Thank you Elk- I am very happy you find this drawing project interesting-Your work always inspires me too!
Annamaria xx

Laura said...

annamaria-i have found reading all your posts from this last week immensely fulfilling. your ability to translate your thoughts onto surface is wonderful to behold. thank you so.

annamaria potamiti said...

Thank you Laura for all your wonderful comments always!
Annamaria xx

Masy said...

lovely pics and post :-) fint he beauty in everything...
have a good day!
greetings from norway

Kylie said...

I'm loving it Annamaria... such a fabulous project. Thank you :) Kx