Thursday, September 9, 2010

Looking back, looking forward-

Morning light in the living room. I should use my camera more. It makes me happy.

Another painting I will be putting in the shop. The colours here are hard to reproduce with my camera.

The siting woman is an image I have borrowed from ancient Greek art. It has to do with death, and in my mind with moving on and change, leaving something behind and being thankfull for what is passing before you embark into the new. 
And again, living in Vancouver and being surrounded by water as we are, has been an amazing source of inspiration.  I am sure I have not finished with trying to put the sense of being here into some sort of pictorial form. It appears that I am at a time in my life where I need to experiment, which is probably why I haven't been posting too much. Sometimes what happens in a lab...! has to stay in the lab!

Thank you for all your comments about the book. It is always so heartwarming to read your thoughts.


ELK said...

this makes me so happy ..the light of the photos and your amazing your inclusion in the book..I am happy to have stopped by for a visit today...elk

Laura said...

i concur with elk! happy, happy! the book looks SO WONDERFUL. your work is so honest and moving. love all of it. congrats, annamaria.

red-handed said...

I think the colours come out fine ... the palette is warm and subtle.

K R I S T I I N A said...

annamaria- I am so glad that I´ve found you here. you feed my inspiration-nerve ; )

our little love nest said...

Stunning colours!! Your work always speaks to my soul!! It feels like your body of work has grown into a massive menagerie of beauty. I am floored. Wishing you the best week ahead. xo