Saturday, February 12, 2011

Growing as an artist often involves taking a step back and reconsidering-

I am not taking time off. On the contrary, I am trying to put in as many hours in the studio as possible.
A juggling art. Sometimes the studio, or really more often than not, the studio is at the seashore.
I am thinking:
What have I accomplished?
What do I need to learn?
What have I outgrown?
How can I sharpen my skills more?
I am sure about one thing.
If I could go into a cave for six months and only paint all day, I would. I am going to try. Who will feed the
family? Should they learn hunting for themselves?
But, if I am serious, I will admit that it's not the family that has been keeping me(from doing what I must). I will admit that my time-management skills need sharpening up.Something to attend to urgently. There has been progress though. I have been spending lots of my Sundays planning the next week in all detail.
And I will try to come up with a routine of posting here.

Two sources of great inspiration to share:
Tina Mammoser's blog :The Cycling Artist-
and Robert Genn's book:'The twice-weekly letters'

Another good thing:  Arts off Main, the gallery I have recently joined, has  a new website! I am really excited and grateful to be part of a group of dedicated, super-creative artists!


ELK said...

keep creating ..balancing and pausing at the seashore my friend...

Unknown said...

i find that planning things on a sunday helps me too. if i go into monday without a plan, my whole week can be thrown off! x

belinda marshall said...

this sounds all too familiar ;)
good luck with arranging and exploring.