Sunday, February 6, 2011

A successful show and planning what's next-

Thank you all you lovely people who came by and were interested and enthusiastic and supportive in so many ways! I took photos in the beginning of the opening reception so it appears quiet whereas it was really, really crowded!!! Yay!!! At the back is the wall with the work of Riitta Peirone.
This wall has Jane Hennessy's work. Riitta is standing on the left .
My wall!!
Jeniffer Mitton discussing her paintings!
Jane Hennessy holding flowers!
And now the time has come to plan again,  set new goals. I feel this part of my work which is very immersed in my autobiographical story-telling is coming to an end. I strongly feel it is a chapter closed.

Right now, I have many, many sketches and watercolors that I am  revisiting and working into paintings.  
Seriously planning:

  • time

  • money

  • more shows

  • new studio?

  • a new series-

  • rethinking the way this blog is put together- I want to focus on the work and what's happening in the studio-

  • soon...

  • hugs-


    holly aka golly said...

    congratulations Annamaria! It's very exciting! Such a fine way to end a chapter. Seems like you are on the precipice of wonderful changes! Enjoy the journey.

    Gloria Freshley Art and Design said...

    Yay!! I've been eagerly awaiting this post! Your paintings look fantastic on the wall and what a strong group show, all the way around! Thanks very much for sharing the photos. I loved seeing your narrative works and, as always, look forward to following you along your new paths...Best...

    Hazel Terry said...

    Good luck Annamaria,
    Looks like a great show, looking forward . . .

    belinda marshall said...

    wow, it looks brilliant! glad it went well.
    happy thinking + planning + working :)

    Laura said...

    congratulations, annamaria! the show looks AMAZING!

    Julia da Franca said...

    congratulations annamaria!!
    what a great exhibition! love to read about your thoughts and plans, try my best in similar directions.
    wish you all the best, julia

    Francesca said...

    such an exciting time, feeling you can really put something to bed and start afresh. lots of ideas cooking away. i'm so pleased the show went well. x