Thursday, June 2, 2011

About pink art, grown-up children, and chocolate making-

New photos of 'revisited' artwork.

Very happy with this little one. I was afraid of using this pink, but
it really turned out to be the best choice. There is so much gorgeous texture that has built up with
all the layers of acrylic and a few pieces of cut paper collaged under all the layers.

Here I used a very intense orange. I love the way it has an odd
sort of quality, like a strange, unfamiliar sound that makes your head turn.
The orange is fairly flat and 'manufactured', like some sort of industrial colour,
but the drawn parts of the artwork are soft and greyish and familiar.
Odd but lovable.
I tagged them on Etsy as 'urban primitive'- The 'primitive' coming from
using my memories to draw from.

The  shapes and forms are organic, and relate to
the human body and forms in landscape.
But the colours are definitely derived from 'urban' experiences-

Ok. On a different note, I have to tell you that the benefit of having older children around, is
that you can use them as models, and  have them cook too!
Rea made these :)( a Greek version ,I suppose, of 'eggs Benedict', with tomatoes and feta...)
And the little bowl, is a lovely purchase from Etsy! You can check it out here
And ,finally, my sweets, what is food and art, and how can children be children ,really, without chocolate?-

From the super lovely 'the Makers' , by Jennifer Causey- here


Annamaria Potamiti


Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Annamaria, I love the pink piece!
the whole post is wonderful.

Kristen Donegan said...

Four of my favorite and chocolate.
The pink is just a bonus as far as I can see :)
Lovely to rework a piece and have it come into it's it just need a little fermentation time :)

Clare Elsaesser said...

Wow, I love the new pieces Annamaria, especially the pink! Your new blog header is beautiful.
And look at those handsome, bearded chocolatiers...I think I went into the wrong profession!

Carole said...

Love your choice of pink!

gracia said...

That orange is so rich and vibrant. I like your use of colour in this piece and the others shown, your blog header too.
(Craving a little chocolate now though.)

ELK said...

i love the makers series .. and your "maker" is looking really good as well... glad she is home to model the wonders of your pieces

annamaria potamiti said...

Thank you my sweets- Yes Clare- I rather thought so too!!X

at swim-two-birds said...

love that pink painting :)

annamaria potamiti said...

Thank you Renilde-x