Monday, June 6, 2011

When I am here I am there -where are you when you are here?

                                From the latest Etsy treasury: HERE (photo: eva Photos)
Did you have a good weekend?
We had two sunny days in a row- yes we did!
Hello summer!
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Annamaria Potamiti


renilde said...

Hello Annamaria, weekend was hot and happy, at the moment thunder and rain. Most interesting video, thanks x

Unknown said...

Hello Annamaria, glad that the weather changed finally (and hopefully for a longer period now) - we got a bit of rain to compensate!

Kylie said...

It sounds so beautiful! The days are getting shorter here and quite a bit chillier. Glad you had a lovely weekend Annamaria :) Kx

Carole said...

We had hot summery weather this past weekend but sadly it's cloudy and cooler today.

Francesca said...

such a nice treasury annamaria, i hearted a couple of things. i am still looking at your 'dive into a pool of pink'. gonna be upset when it sells. very tempted but every time i get some money from sales, i have to buy stock. this week - ink! x