Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New watercolors and thank you Brittni!

Took a couple of new small watercolors to my favorite place in town
and thought I might take some photos of them right there, see how it would work.

I get happy at 'The Little Nest', something about the open space,
the yummy treats, the excellent coffee-
makes it very special for me- So I took Rea along-

Then we took a couple more photos in the neighborhood-

Of course I was thinking of Etsy-
So these watercolors are already up- here-

And, on another (but very special) note:
 Brittni  Mehlhoff , the founder and curator of fabulous Papernstich, was interviewed
  by Christina, who puts together the get the look decor, for  Etsy Blog-here-

Brittni has created a very attractive, modern and eclectic living space , using her 'great eye' to combine vintage pieces, modern furniture and beautiful artwork.
I get a very sweet mention, and it is a real thrill to see one of my watercolors
on one of her beautifully curated 'art-walls'-
Thank you so much Brittni-what a delight!!
You can check out Brittni's blog as well- here-


Carole said...

That's a really good idea taking your paintings out with you. I am going to have to try that.

annamaria potamiti said...

Thank you Carole, it was a lot of fun!

Sophie Munns said...

How wonderful Annamaria....
what a fun thing to do...I adore your new header by the way... in fact it scared me visiting today... so much change and new posts that I kind of wondered where Ive been... so tied up with work and not much blog-visiting. Oh.. ive missed much over here... and its all good!
The header just made my day!
S x

gracia said...

I like the first two in particular, Annamaria. I like how the form is suggested by the white space. Beautiful work to see, as always. And something to ponder.