Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What was in the mail and some new work-

I have loved Francesca's work for the longest time. Now I have one
of my favorite prints at home. I had wanted to frame it before I showed you, but my
days are too crazy busy. I decided to do a variety of markets this summer, and that on top of
everything else, it  is just non-stop work. I am not complaining, I love it.
But I wish I could do justice to Francesca's beautiful work. You can take a better look here
And you can also visit her funny, lovely, gorgeous blog here!
5x5inches, mixed media on paper
I have also been feeling that I have been getting too literal,
with my birds and all, and I just wanted to do a few looser
pieces, just going about it inuitively, thinking of texture and colour.
5 x 5 inches, mixed media on paper
I have this thing about pink, maybe its the light here of the very early mornings, maybe I am dreaming it,
maybe I am hungry for it, whatever it is, it is the colour I need to see these days.

And how are you my sweets?
Is there anyone else doing markets and shows this summer?
Are you just hanging out on some exotic beach,
or cooking delish summer dishes in a hot kitchen,
or drinking iced coffee while you are browsing through the
blogging world?
Whatever you are doing,
I hope you are loving it!

Annamaria Potamiti


erleichda said...

Hallo Annamaria! eonderful prints! i am doing ok. just keep smiling while it rains ; )

Kylie said...

I guess you already know I am right there with you in the Francesca fan club :) Everything she does is just magic.
I'm really drawn to these paintings, Annamaria- I think it is that amazing pink but also the texture and warmth in the form.
It's so chilly here, I'm happily doing my crochet most of the time ;) Hope the markets are going well for you!

Francesca said...

thank you annamaria! and indeed kylie. very glad to have you both in my cyber life! i also love these paintings. love the pencil scratched into the paint and the shapes. beautiful stuff. i am not doing any fairs or shows this summer. i probably should but i find it so much work, always more than i think it will be. i'm taking myself off to france and spain for a couple of weeks at the end of july with my fellas. can't wait to change the routine! x

Gloria Freshley Art and Design said...

Thank you for the introduction to Francesca! Looking forward to exploring them more fully. The paintings are luscious -- both in color, texture and overall feel. Funny, you and I are on the same wavelength regarding pink morning light. :)

Gloria Freshley Art and Design said...

Oops. Guess I did some cutting and pasting without proofing. The "exploring more fully" was in reference to Francesca's blog and Etsy sites, and the comment about the paintings was in reference to your paintings. Oops. :)

belinda marshall said...

i love francessca's work n blog too! so gorgeous. loving your new piece too. can really relate to the pulling back from the literal. felt the need lately also.

Carole Reid said...

Your work in pink is wonderful!
We just got back from holidays in the "not sunny" Okanagan where we went to farmer's markets and art galleries. Glad to be home again.