Friday, April 6, 2012

After a very long blog-break

Still life with Lucy's teapot
Watercolor, 8x8 inches
 Other things in life have been demanding all my attention these past four months. Changes are part
of this year's plans. Often I thought to just end this blog altogeher, but
Flowers for .99
watercolor, 8x8 inches
 something kept preventing me from giving up on it.
I am glad now, even though I am still too pre-occupied with all sorts of other things, and
it will only be once or twice a week I will be able to post here.
Tissue in the middle-
watercolor, 8x8 inches
I tried to keep all my free time for work in the studio. I focused on watercolors and completed
one 8 x 8 inches still life daily.
Thank you for all your very ,very lovely comments for my last post -oh so many months ago. Altogether, I will try to be more present in the blog-world.
If you celebrate easter, I wish you lots of fun with  egg painting or whatever it is you enjoy this time of the year.
Hugs- really.
Big hugs.


Kristen Donegan said...

So wonderful to see you back Annamaria! I have missed seeing your view of the world and hearing your thoughts...I hope the changes your having are mainly positive!
- and posting a couple times a week I think is very respectable indeed!!


Erin said...

Welcome back Anna Maria, lovely to see your recent works! x

Carole Reid said...

Hello, it's wonderful to see your new works and to know that you've been painting while on your blog break! These are all lovely. xo

renilde said...

I'm glad you are still here, happy weekend x

K R I S T I I N A said...

life needs attention. welcome back!

Gloria Freshley Art and Design said...

Hi Annamaria! Yes, it's great to see you back here! I'm happy to know you've managed to find time to paint. Looking forward to seeing more of your recent work --whenever you are able to post it. My favorite of these three is the last one. Best! Gloria

Francesca said...

i'm glad you're back annamaria. i only post once or twice a week, doesn't matter, just good to stay connected. hope you and the family are well! x

Amy said...

These works are really beautiful. I love glad, too that you are back. You have been missed. xo!

Sophie Munns said...

big hello and warmest wishes...
we've missed you Annamarie!

lisa solomon said...

it's definitely hard to keep up with everything.
so great to see you painting so much though.
and thanks for the kind words on my work !

Lorraine Young Pottery said...

I always love your warm colors. Something very Taos/New Mexico.

:-} Lorraine

Kylie said...

This new style really is so fresh Annamaria! Kx