Thursday, May 31, 2012

Confessions of a social dinosaur-

Sunlight in the kitchen-  watercolor 8x8inches


Enveloped in space-watercolor 8 x 8 inches

Just dropping in to say hi. Trying to get all sorts of art related stuff done, but not
too much painting. Working on Etsy, trying to get my Facebook page together,
such a social dinosaur I am, I know...!

I thought I could get away with staying in my little comfy cave for ever, but it
seems not!  yikes!-
From afar...Facebook seems like an never ending cocktail party,
which is not my cup of tea,
but at least one doesn't get to stand around in high heels for ever .

 And if you think about it ,
one might actually pose for photos in high heels, and then post them, 
a very fake thing really, but who will know?
 Which is a much better thought altogether!
  Looking sexy with no Achilles heel pain...
and chatting while actually munching chocolate McVities.
(just like while writing a blog post ;))
Sounds decadant indeed...
Wait a minute..., I might really
like Facebook afterall:)
See you there...

Hugs, you sweeties:)
(OMG !Take these cookies away from me...)


K R I S T I I N A said...

haha love your descriptions of Facebook...a never ending cocktail party- yes...Honestly, I have been fed up with Fb for ages just because I feel it is a way for people to scream out "here I am. look at me!"...I don´t know what perspective to look at it anymore. Having hundreds of friends one wonder -who is actually my real friend? and when I have my birthday I get congrats from people I never hang out with..I don´t know what to feel anymore...One positive thing is, though, that I have got contact with people I used to go to school with for ages ago and a couple of years back I even made a road trip to Finland to see a few of my old friends and that was a happy reunion I must say...So thank you FB.
When it comes to blogging...
I think that it is interesting to follow you and see your pictures evolving even though I don´t know you but at times I can see the spiritual and artistic aspect more revealing and appealing than anything else I can read or see on Facebook so I am glad that I have found you here.
Keep up the good work.
See ya more.

Francesca said...

that's funny coz i see facebook more as chocolate mcvities! never a cocktail party. i wish! it's like my blog except i can share random things very quickly. and photos. good luck!

annamaria potamiti said...

Thank you Kristiina. I love it that you find something of value in this blog. I really delight in the ways your blog has developed as well:)Thank you for alwasy coming here and writing the nicest things!

annamaria potamiti said...

Hey Fran, maybe I will discover a whole new side to Facebook. Thank you for the encouraging thoughts:)

Sophie Munns said...

You previous post was sobering... bad advice indeed... and yet those lost times help us never do that again.

THIS work is glorious and I am glad you are back.

I turned down ideas and advice in Feb this year. Is was from people very close to me and the idea was shocking it was so bad...a commercial blitz they promised...but I could see myself at the funeral for my true and homage going project.

I took the non-commercial root , had a VERY lean time initially and now things are coming in that are highly positive and far truer to my painting direction that ever!

Your work deserves to truly proper and you with it!

annamaria potamiti said...

Yay Sophie! I am happy the way true to your heart is prospering!XX