Thursday, June 7, 2012

Art, business, and the inner babe--

Color and light on ordinary stuff- Watercolor 5x7inches

You will probably see a few more of these. I am painting a series with ordinary, simple house 'stuff' on my studio table. I am usually so cautious and exact when I put a brush on paper, that I felt really stiffled. In these I am trying to take advantage of my 'failures', turn my 'mistakes' into 'opportunities'... (yes, it works in painting too!)

I haven't got my Facebook figured out yet. I am afraid my computer is messing up with my passwords.
I got one of these 'free computer cleansing what-evers', a few months ago, and I have bitterly regretted it.
It has totally confused up my darling baby laptop. 
It's either that, or the universe telling me that's not the way.(how do you know when it's really the up-there-universe, or the down-there-subconscious self-sabotaging?
Nah, it's the sick computer...

Also, on the matter of business and art and marketing, did you catch Tara Gentile and Megan Auman's talk on pricing and profit at Etsy labs? If you haven't yet, gogogo watch it! Tell me what you think. 
 I was struck by a few lighting bolts.. while watching. I realized I had not been using my brain while pricing, but the emotional intelligence of my insecure inner babe...(sad). I let it sink in for a few hours and made some changes in my shop that felt much better. Not that I have in any sense grasped the business side of things yet, but I have started and I plan to enjoy every minute of my self directed business course. I do have some book titles to share with you soon as well. Do you enjoy audio books?



Carole Reid said...

Hi Annamaria. Lovely little painting. Good for you brave lady to make your own opportunities! It's like making lemonade when handed lemons instead of making a sour face!
Yes, I enjoy audio books, especially when on long car trips! Music or quiet when I paint.
Have a great weekend! xx

Sally said...

Hi Annamaria, I've just found you via Sophie's blog! I'm so glad you were her 100,000th visitor! love your vibrant, quirky & thoughtful paintings I look forward to seeing more through the challenging times you have ahead of you (we sold & moved last year, and I struggled to keep painting through it all). Sally x

annamaria potamiti said...

Thank you Carole, it's a good thing I love lemonade:)

annamaria potamiti said...

Thank you Sally. I just wish we had sold and moved already...I am doing all I can to get studio time daily:)

erleichda said...

I love your work Annamaria : )

Francesca said...

hey you! i think we are both really into this art/business stuff at the moment. i'm learning a lot. just watched that etsy talk, thanks. thought it was really interesting when she told the story of the dutch art gallery, how the most popular price point was the lowest, and the second most popular was the highest. x

Erin said...

Your beautiful painting caught my eyes and came to visit here the other day and ohh thank you so much for sharing the art business thing by Tara. It is brilliant!!! I've signed up for the 10days lessons and it is so eye-opening...! Hope your week end has been a great one :)

annamaria potamiti said...

Thank you Demie:)

Hi Fran,
I am so glad you enjoyed Tara's presentation, she's brilliant! I am also very pleased you noticed that thing about the Dutch Gallery, I must have been making coffee then (my vice) and missed it!Seems I have to go back and watch again:)
Thank you:)

Hi Erin,
thank you for mentioning another thing that escaped me completely (was it wine or coffee I wonder?)
I want ten day lessons too!Hope you have lots of fun!

Paravent said...

I love what you're doing with your art work Annamaria. It's so brave and inspiring :) Thanks for the direct link to the pricing lab... I'm off to there right now - I promise! (even though I just heard the washing machine finish it's cycle, I'm going there RIGHT NOW :)))
Thanks so much lovely friend :) Kx

Paravent said...

Just signed up and downloaded the syllabus :)
Thanks Annamaria! Kx

Unknown said...

thank you so much for sharing Tara's link!