Monday, June 11, 2012

Do one thing, do it well, make a difference!-

                                    After Breakfast- Watercolor 4,5 x 6,2inches
 I didn't mean it to happen,
I resisted as much as I could ,
 I was too lazy to fall in love again,
 but at the end of the day
 it was inevitable
and I fell head over heels
with a whole new world
out there
talking short and fast...
Hello Twitter!

And my friend Sophie, thank you so much, for an awesome shout out!

So my dear artists/business friends have you come across the story exchange yet? (found it on
twitter of course)
I love all the stories (about women with small businesses that became big businesses...
such fun!). After watching a few of them last night I was particularly excited  about the one about selling 
 a single divine chocolate cake and with that growing from a small venture to a dozen stores ...

It shows:
 you don't have to reinvent the wheel,
you don't have to produce a million different things...
you can do the one thing you love...
and do it well!
and make a difference...

Love ya:)



Francesca said...

oooh great! will check it out and pass it on to my power-brunch girlfriends! x

Carole Reid said...

Annamaria, I will try to take these words to heart. I am a tinker in all sorts of things but a master of none. Thank you for the reminder. xo Carole

Paravent said...

Oh my... this sounds WONDERFUL Annamaria... but I've been resisting Tweeting (and Pinterest) for so long now (I just don't feel like I could fit another thing in!) It does sound fabulous though. So lovely to hear the excitement and inspiration in your voice :) Kx

Gloria Freshley Art and Design said...

Thank you for providing the link to these interesting and inspiring stories! Love this watercolor!

erleichda said...

I am sure you will dear friend!

... and good t ohave on tweeter too ; )