Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Life at the studio-

I jumped out of bed this morning -
did you hear that?-
I JUMPED out of bed this morning
because the air screamed 'summer', and
because I have been loving working with gouache so much
these days. 
Lesson 1: if you are feeling blahhh-
change medium, change brushes, change something already!



Kim Baise said...

<3 that naked lady sunbather :)
yes! i am switching from papier mache to embroidery now. sometimes the ideas carry over from one medium to another....inspiration!
happy summer to you!!

Paravent said...

Yes! I totally agree! and when you're feeling sick, don't try and create at all! ;) haha... :)
The first thing that hit me was the beautiful white light in your photos Annamaria. Isn't it incredible what a difference summer makes to our photos? Still very wintery here and overcast/rainy to boot so there's no hope for my photography I'm afraid.
Loving your new pieces - the light and shade there is perfect too :) Kx

Erin said...

Ahh how nice!! Your gouache paintings are looking lively and happy too!
Your post made me happy and motivated me :) x

Kristen Donegan said...

wise advice! and I especially like the jumping out of bed part!! ;)

Francesca said...

totally agree! now gimme some of that energy! lovely to see your bright happy space. x

Brinja said...


Missouri Bend Paper Works said...

Delightful post, Annamaria! I love the energy and the joy expressed! And I agree....nothing like changing it up to reenergize you and put you on the search again, moving you out of the ruts! Enjoy and thanks!

Sophie Munns said...

Totally excited by the energy of this post Annamaria..
so true that bringing in something that is new energises on of the studio process...
Always love your work... and you do do great things with goauche! x said...

Love these glimpses of your work Annamaria. You're good with gouache, too!