Saturday, July 14, 2012

The wild winds of change-

Four thirty in the morning. Our house is up for sale and I want to have as many photos as I can
to take with me when we go. I am extremely fond of the very early mornings. Looking out the windows
the sky is immense.
Everything is possible before the day unfolds.
I am making small still lives in gouache.
(reaching for the comfort of the small and daily)-
 I am wearing dresses. (what's up with me?)
Are you too under the influence of the 'wild winds of change?'



Carole Reid said...

Your house looks wonderful and comfortable. I hope it sells quickly for you, Annamaria. I know how much work goes into keeping it looking good for the next viewing!

Love your still life painting and that you're wearing colourful dresses!

Happy weekend to you. xo

belinda marshall said...

love your dress! and your painting.
hope the selling part goes smoothly, i can imagine the mixed feelings about it all xx

Paravent said...

Your house looks just beautiful Annamaria - good luck with the sale! I think your dress is gorgeous - it's a summer thing, isn't it? Your still life is wonderful :) Kx

holly aka golly said...

wonderful pictures, house, paintings, dress and your nails too... so pretty! xo

annamaria potamiti said...

Thank you my sweets:)

Kim Baise said...

change is good. your painting is beautiful and so is the early morning sky and your house, i love the wood plank floors <3. it will sell and then where will you go?
you are free to dream

Erin said...

Really beautiful room with history, happy coloured dress - so pretty! This change must be a great one - I can feel in the colours in your recent paintings! ;) Take care.x

Jane O Sullivan said...

hello annamaria , as I thought , you do have a paintbrush as an extra finger......magical clear and positive work as always , and dresses , I wouldnt expect anything less.
Happy winds of change for you and thank you so much for your visit :)

Junaluska said...

Oh, I like the early mornings too. Lovely photos!

lisa solomon said...

i feel like the winds of change are always blowing.
your house looks amazing.... hopefully you aren't too sad to sell it

Francesca said...

change - so difficult but so necessary. things are changing here too. gus will be off to nursery every morning in september, so-long singing 'wheels on the bus' together. i'm a bit sad about that.

looks beautiful where you live. x

Kerstin Svendsen said...

enjoying seeing these photos of your house! and love this flower painting.