Thursday, April 16, 2009

Flowers for my birthday.

The eggs, after they came out of the oven. Lucy loved doing all this. She would do it on a daily basis!
These are some of the eggs my friend Marko sends me every easter from Toronto. They are so very very lovely . He actually takes the inside of the eggs away through these tiny holes. They are so fragile and light which makes them ever more special. He usually sent me quite formal, traditional designs, but last year he made a special egg with a landscape that was inspired by his visit to the west coast. He came to Vancouver to see us and get some good skiing as well. What a treat. We had been best friends at the Ontario College of Art and after I moved back to Greece we hadn't seen eachother of something like twenty years...

On our way to school I saw these and I had to take a picture. Shadow theatre in blue and green.

Have a good one!

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