Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lunch Saturday

Isn't it a lovely thing having a lovely lunch served to you, no fights over who will wash the dishes, everyone treated to a different delicious dish, such simple things can feel like such luxuries, such pleasures.

Lucy came running to my studio to show me her latest creative venture.She says she doesn't love drawing and painting as much as some of her friends, yes- she would rather be hanging from the monkey bars, but she actually spends all the rest of her time doing something crafty and artsy- I love it.
She is taking embroidery lessons that she really enjoys. Maybe she will teach me some.
And these are a couple of my favorites from this week's work at the studio downtown. I am pushing myself to be more playfull, its easy to get involved in a competiton about who has made the most accurate likeness-but there must be more.

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