Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday stuff

Lucy has a new craft station which she has found very inspiring. We realised that watching tv. even in the weekends was very destracting for her so we have limited it to an hour or so only on Saturday mornings. As a result of this we are very happy to watch her read a lot more and do crafts a lot more too. And don't you love that haircut?

We went out for a long walk and enjoyed the quiet, in spells between showers. Lucy went on a treasure hunt and collected rocks for reasons only clear to her. What is it with kids collecting rocks? I tried to stir her into collecting within a specific theme like heart shaped rocks. She was happy.

And this is my beloved gazing out to the unknown...

Lucy's hand tracing hundreds of years of history on the body of a tree.

I remember my first impression of British Columbia as we were flying in from ; it was of curves and more curves. We were lucky to fly over a good part of it on an unusually bright and sunny day. It looked green, lush, soft, curved, nothing like the dry, rocky, lavender mountains of Greece. Both places ,however, are very sculptural, made of amazing masses you want to hold in your cupped hand.

This picture was a happy experiment. It came out better than I expected- interesting patterns to explore!

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