Sunday, April 26, 2009

a sunday to put our house in order

Some good porridge with delicious strawberries and bananas goes a long way. This is a hungry teenage boy getting ready for his Sunday job. He is cool, he is taking care of things. And yes it is still sunny.
There are treasures to be found even in the most uninspiring and neglected back yard.

This is what it's all about, finding the treasures in unexpected places. This is why we do art is it not? This is what we try to do on a daily basis- small blessings. Even now with so much miserable world news, and a handfull of personal challenges it is still possible to find those pockets of joy and beauty.
Today: we put our house in order-cleaned my studio floor...(amazing but true)
made tiny carrot muffins with Lucy(she loooves baking)
then she did some deweeding with her dad. (she didn't know what it would be like ,poor thing, and she got so excited she was going to do something grownup with her dad!)
cleaned my studio desk- I looove a perfect white surface
had a lovely walk , lunch, Starbacks, the works, with Lucy and dad.
found some interesting views in a neglected backyard
saw some exciting artwork at Flickr- it makes my adrenaline flow and I just want to run and paint
I thought about St. John(L.) and 'all you need is love' and how that is actually a bit too abstract, and sometimes a little misleading, but we still love him don't we?
I thought about Lucy's list of 'things I can do by myself' growing and growing- she cleaned her room today, vacuumed and all- I wish the teenagers did as much- I think our basement has turned into a jungle-
So, that was our day, walking hand in hand, being silly, cleaning our respective corners, munching on the yummiest things we can bake with the least sugar possible, watching Lucy and Dimitri grow into such lovely people- hope that some of our other loved ones will come to their right minds one day- loving, missing, worrying, looking for pockets of unexpected blessings.
A good day.

Then there is some of Friday's artwork. There he is Icarus- I can't help it with the Greek mythology, I grew up with it and some of the stories keep ringing in my head as unresolved puzzles, they need me to pay attention- Icarus, Icarus why did he fall? Was it arrogance, was it hormones, was it misinformation, was it carelessness, was it self-obscession, was it a passage, was it technical malfunction, was it lack of focus, was it looking for the wrong things, was it wanting the instant gratification thing, was it an addiction, was it the result of a bad childhood, was it a virus? I love Icarus, I fell many times at his age. It hurts. It bloody hurts. And where is Superman when you really need him? Has anyone ever heard of a flying Supermom? No I don't think there is one. The reason is simple, Icarus would tell her to take a hike before she makes him look totally uncool- or something like that- Icarus, Icarus ,Icarus- and there is mom with her binoculars because she is not allowed too close and nobody likes her now anyway- yes, and she feels so sorry for herself- true self-pitty- but Icarus will rise from the sea where he fell, because afterall it is only the sweet Mediterrenean and he will do some suntanning on the beach, and eat something wholesome, and repair his wings- Oh, Icarus please love your wings. Mommy really loves you.

And after all that, Starbacks.

Have fun, enjoy, be inspired, eat well, sleep well.

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