Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Farm produce,end of April

S. said this little one reminds her of her girlfiends and just of womanly things. I thought that was sweet. This one turned out to look a bit on the angel side . The truth is I was thinking of Icarus. But I do work that allows for a big element of surprise and unplanned joys, so as long as it doesn't look like a fairy (because I am not that kind of girl) -it's fine.

More of Icarus. I am thinking of the flying angel by Rembrandt, you can see the back of his feet,what a superb thing. And then the painting by Breughel of course, where we see Icaru's feet as he's taken the plunge. What an amazing painting. Brueghel had a great sense of humour I am sure. In a Monty Python kind of way.

Icarus means a lot to me also because I left as well. I left Athens for life on a Greek island, and then I left that for a small town on the mainland, and then I left all for Canada. You see the wings now, its not just about my daughters...Is it like mother like daughter?

Something has shifted though. I feel more acceptance, more at peace. (well, sometimes)


Sofia Kennedy said...

Something Chagall-ish about these last few. I love them - I feel so peaceful looking at them. Something magical happens when ink and watercolour reside on the same page.

annamaria potamiti said...

Thank you Sophia. I am sure I have a whole lot of Chagall stored in my head somewhere. I keep thinking that our lives are so visually busy that the economy of ink and watercolour are very soothing.