Thursday, April 30, 2009

Late in the evening

Ok. So this is only playing with dirt. So what? Do you remember the absolute bliss of making mud cakes? My mother didn't like me messing about in Her kitchen. So I baked My burgers with lovely Mud. And it was all perfect. Today I played with dirt while I was waiting for Lucy to get a good dose of sunshine and running around after school. I found it painful to be away from my drawing desk. Do you get that?
I think I called this blog-thing the wrong name. I should call it Annamaria -looking-for-something-. What am I looking for? It always feels that I will find something at the end of this hour, this day, this drawing session- I don't know what. I feel compelled.

Last night I added the links to my favorite blogs. It takes me a lot of time to figure out how to do things like that, I make all sorts of wrong turns and then suddenly its done and I think oh! that's straightforward, why did it take me so long? It's probably because I am always rushing- that also accounts for the numerous spelling mistakes. Forgive me... Anyway, I wanted to tell you how absolutely I have loved these blogs, these women are amazing artists, women, mothers, daughters, writers, the works. I have tried to navigate my way through Flickr lately too. That is also an amazing experience. The world is making art. I tought art for years, but this is such a fascinating way to learn as well.

These are two of my favorite' small blessings'. They continue each other's thought.

In Greece when I was a little girl they had a shadow theatre called Karagiozis. Well,
its still around but more like a fragile antique. The main set where the whole play was acted had one small hut on the right side(that was Karagiozi's house) and a large palace on the left side(for the ruler of the land).
Our childhood memories are our blessings too, don't you agree? What I cherish about them is that altered perspective in space and sizes, and that sense of awe at new and wonderfull things. I actually remember learning the names for things and how I had my own language in my head and I was telling myself :"in their language they call it"
I think that never left me, that wonder and happiness when I learn something new.

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