Saturday, May 2, 2009

It looks sunny in these photos but today it started raining again and the temperature dropped. My mood has too. It always happens when I put work up for a show, I get so 'the d-word'. And you know how it is, one thing looks not right and suddenly the list starts growing. Oh! and I never did that well and this well and I was wrong to do that and that, and come to think of it that was pretty horrible too. And then N. is in San Francisco and that sucks because we lost a weekend together, our weekends may seem a little geriatric to some people but I do love them. We are not terribly athletic, we are not yogis, but we walk, clean, shop, visit our favorite coffee shops, eat icecream, go to garage sales, catch a favorite English mystery show. We don't watch too much tv. The truth is that while N. has been gone there has been no tv on in the evening at all, apart from Dimitri watching hockey games. Its been quiet but for the soft buzz of my pink mini-computer.

It seems that right now I am totally Flickr-addicted. Has anyone gone through this? Does it get better? Will I come out of this? Will I be able to control it?

N. bought this little fridge magnet sometime ago, it says:"when life gives you lemons squeeze them on caviar"

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