Monday, May 25, 2009

The Monday list of ten

How was your weekend? Ours was lovely and sunny and gorgeous even if with a cool breeze. The airs of change are always strong in spring, are they not? I am kind of divided about change, even though I do lean on the loving- it -side. A part of me panics and I wake up in the middle of the night with the worry boogieman screaming terrible,(but very imaginative) worries in my ear...It's great watching him dissolve with the rays of sunlight sneaking under the curtains. I joined a group of morning pictures at Flickr. Will I remember to post one every morning? Hmmm

And a flower for you from our weekend walks.

Lucy got some free goodies at a garage sale.

And one more thing- or rather ten more things, so I can start the week with some mental goodness:

The Monday list of ten things I am grateful for:

1. my watercolor box, waiting to be opened after two whole days of being neglected

2. The color 'permanent rose' white shirts(that's my uniform-with jeans)

4. my camera- I never thought of myself as one to pick up a camera- I always sucked at photography so I stuck to painting- then when I came across '3191 A year of mornings' at the library, I impulsively took it home not really knowing why. So it was on my desk for a week but I didn't really look at it- It just wasn't the sort of thing I usually did- I usually have so many books I am reading at the same time-and the printed word seemed so much 'wiser' and important- I returned the book to the library unopened, but two weeks later it was staring at my face again, and I sighed and I thought ok. there's something in this book that I am supposed to learn from- I borrowed it again and this time I looked with eyes open- and that was it- love- and then the blogging world ,and then rolling up my sleeves and rethinking the whole photography thing- and so more love, and then my own blog, more love, and then Flickr and then Etsy and then meeting great people, and then -I can't wait for whatever else this ocean's tide will bring...

5. So I should definitely add Stephanie and Mav of '3191 ' on my list-thank you- thank you-

6. I guess I am also grateful to myself for my willingness to learn- I do - I will to learn- always

7. All the artists, and craft-people who blog- you add so much fun and delight to so many lives

8. For the moms who try to juggle art- career- craft- home- relationships- sanity- you are bloody incredible

9. To all the writers who have written books on positive thinking- its true- it works- not by itself- but its a big, important ingredient for the-true-path-soup

10. to the economic downturn ( that's a good one, I know...), because it forced me to reevaluate my life , my art and reconsider how much responsibility I was really taking for it- Taking responsibility has pumped wondrous amounts of fresh energy into my life

and this one more 11. I am grateful for the ability to choose-

Do you have a list?

Have a lovely day( of conscious choices)

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