Friday, May 15, 2009

Struggles and blessings

This is a beautiful flower about to bloom- not how I feel at all- what has happened to me? I had a week of painting and I am heartbroken at the results- I am trying too hard says Nigel- I think I am in a ' transition'-you know, one of those monsters that hold you in their palms mid air and you just can't move, just sit there holding your breath, knowing its just not really up to you-not now. But I did do a lot of little drawings between the struggling acrylics. I love the drawings. Should I make little cards with them?
Have wings, will travel.
Listening.(ususally, to Tom Allen , or Richard Fry on CBC2 Radio Canada- they are awesome!)

I couldn't resist this frothy London Fog- with as much honey as I can legally get away with...

Ah. This, I love. The fig tree is coming to life. I wish I had the time to draw it daily, record the little green bits that appear magically every day. Maybe I should. I always return to my 'small blessings'. That's where my heart is. Definitely where my heart is.
Where is your heart? What brings you back to life in spring?


Sofia Kennedy said...

I know all about those transition times. It seems people always ask me more about what I am painting during those times.
They are exciting because you know those buds will come out sooner or later and suddenly you'll have a fig tree of paintings.

I set up a little Etsy shop. You inspired me and I recognized some rings on a girl that works at London Drugs. I asked if she bought them on Etsy and she told me she makes them and sells them there. I went home that day and photographed my cards and set it up. The photos aren't great. Perhaps I need to get under your desk :)
Check it out and let me know what you think. And tell me when you are on.

annamaria said...

Hey, great news Sophia! I will look into it for sure. I am VERY pleased that I inspired you to get into this!Good luck! And thank you, as always for your encouraging thoughts!

Jude said...

My heart just now is somehow listening to the land, which speaks to that landscape within. Such big changes coming, passing, happening fact the only constant in life as my water bottle sticker reads.. is change. Guess i'm trying to embrace that while staying balanced.

annamaria said...

I can very much feel what you say about change. My husband (who is Scottish,we got married in Perth eventhough it was more like Gretna Green)and I, moved to Canada almost five years ago.Yes, you are wise to embrace change...