Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ikea Sunday

I have a challenge for you, can you make an interesting photo of eating ice cream at MacDonald's or lunch at Ikea? Tough one...
Well what happened was that yesterday Lucy spotted a pink rocking chair at a garage sale(we were still in the car and she screamed:look,pink chair!!!) So we had to buy it, (five dollars)and she washed it this morning but it needed a cushion. Unfortunately, her mom doesn't have the green-sewing-thumbs she would have so loooved to have had, so we went to Ikea, of course. I don't know about you but darling Ikea has saved our bottoms many times... (the truth is I could spend long happy hours at the kid's section, I think they should do alot more of that stuff in grown up sizes)

And look at this happy reader-it was all worth it I say...

Finally,this mom is also a frustrated Etsy shop owner, empty of course because I am still trying to figure this whole thing out- there are so many interruptions you see- everything is done in small bits and pieces, and sometimes I lose it all with one wrong click just like I did with today's posting and I had to rewrite it all...And what I was getting at was this self-portrait for the shops' avatar(whatever that may be) Nigel said I look uncharacteristically serious in this shot but really I am trying to be serious about this. It's so important. Lucy has caught on ,she said she is also going to have a shop when she grows up but hers will be a restaurant. I can't wait.(I must be doing something right after all)
Do you have quiet Sundays?

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