Monday, May 18, 2009

Holiday cleaning, a thank you, a good read.

I spent this holiday (Victoria Day) catching up on my house duties. I had another motive too, I wanted to upload pictures from our home for Flickr. I know, I know, I am a total addict now, hopefully, the desease will take its course and one day it will cool down...Hmm. I have a few plants but really very few because I know I wasn't born a gardener, but the ones I do have I adore.

I also adore my studio space, especially when its clean and tidy after the painting storm debris has been all cleared up. I decided this time to store the acrylics in the closet for a while, and concentrate on the watercolors and the drawings. Its all too much sometimes and I have to make some choices.

But there is one more thing I wanted to share. I was so thrilled that Shash from Mecozy has picked one of my 'small blessings' as a Friday Flickr favorite. I only started reading blogs two or three months ago and her blog was one of the first that got me so involved. I have loved reading biographies for the longest time so this was a brilliant new discovery for me. I even made a red cabbage soup that she described . She had taken the most color-perfect pictures of the soup -making process, and I just had to try it, and yes, it was so totally delicious. I've admired her artwork as well and I was over the moon she found my little watercolor pleasing. Thank you Shash!

This one turned out too dark. Hmm.

Another discovery through the blog world was Molly Wizenbergs' book: 'A Homemade Life: stories and recipes from my kitchen table'. And you know what, I inquired after it at our local library and the very nice young woman there, said: "None of the Vancouver libraries seems to have it ,would you like us to order it?" I fell off my chair... But now here it is on my lap. Read it, share it , get your libraries to buy it, it's wonderfull! What moves me deeply about this book, is not just the stories and the recipes and the fun stuff, but the fact that it is really a love poem to a dad...

So, what are you reading these days?

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