Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This very clever bicycle

We found this very clever bicycle on our walking travels today. What a charming way to recycle a perfectly attractive white bicycle. A bicycle that has finally come home to stay. I am like that too. When we left our previous home in a whole other continent, there was much fury from various quarters. I was told that in five years I would wake up one morning and wail with regret. I admit to have been a bit concerned about this fifth year of our residency in Canada. When someone says something like that its almost like a dark prophesy that haunts you... But I can tell you now that I love our new home, with the best kind of love, the one that comes from choice-not a simple choise, mind you, but one that you have agonised over-and over. Yes, I love Vancouver ...Especially on days like the one today when it was raining fiercely early on, then it became refreshingly cool and sunny, and finally we were visited by an even fiercer rainpour which eventulally teamed up with glorious sunshine!

And I have made some wonderful friends in Vancouver, like Krystina who is always so amazingly generous and just out of the blue gave me this gift, a cutting from her garden for me to replant.
My son comes home for lunch with his buddies and they make pasta for themselves or fry some eggs, or make sandwiches. These boys like their food and come Friday there's nothing left in our fridge...But I really enjoy having them around at lunch time, Dimitri of course locks the door of my studio and they play their music or watch a hockey or soccer game on tv, but then when they leave( after cleaning up, mind you) they all sing in a barrytone chorus :thank you for having us- Aren't you jealous?

So what's not to love about being here? Even this birdie sat patiently as I quietly approached trying to get a good photo of him.

Enjoy your walk today-do you walk?

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