Thursday, June 4, 2009

I am going to make this short and sweet because I have to make some banana bread-
I woke up this morning with Pandora on my mind. Have you ever met Pandora- you know , the one with the box? I am sure you have-haven't we all? So at five am, when all was still blue and cool and quiet, Pandora and I exchanged some nasty words, and I said:"Pandora, girl, just get your sorry self and that ugly box of yours outa here..." Phew- she left-
And I came downstairs to the lovely smell of zucchini bread (with parmesan) that I made last night. I need to make some banana bread too- something savory and something sweet- I have school moms/friends come for breakfast after school drop-off this morning- And before I run off to do my baking, I am going to add this photo from the studio at five am. I know its dark- but I am beginning to love taking photos of life in the studio early in the morning- before the workday begins. Is it because its the time of all potential waiting ?
Yes, it must be-
What are your mornings like?


andrea tachezy said...

Thank you for your comment! My mornings are mostly terrible :-) I like your work a lot.

caramela said...

Andrea, its always nice to hear from you- I like your work alot too- what's happening with your artwork?