Friday, June 5, 2009

New produce from the art-farm

This is today's produce from the studio/art-farm- Lovely model- but I was in a terrible mood- I reaaaaly didn't want to do any work- you know these days? I felt so sorry for myself ...- then when I returned there was this comment on one of my morning photos on Flickr - about receiving flowers from friends and what a lovely morning gift that is- and then I felt ashamed that I forgot to appreciate what good I have already created in my life-( because I will , yes I wil, take credit for this-) So I am thankfull to have been brought back to my senses-
So in order to give my brain mater a good shake-I will end my week with a quick ten things to be grateful for:
1. breakfast, and all the people who love it too-
2. the color green- I am so into green lately-
3. the four (brave) women who have decided to follow my blog-
4. My sweet daughter Rea, who has tried to get me an art show at the very popular shop where she works- I am meeting the owner soon , so we will see how that goes-
5. acrylics- I had forgotten how much fun they can be...
6. roses- my grandfather was a dentist and he always smelled of cloves ( because of some dental medicine or other) but he grew the most aromatic, beautiful, blood red roses- I don't think I have ever seen roses as beautiful as my grandfather's roses- of course I could be an itsy-tiny-bit prejudiced...
7. birds- I looked up yesterday morning and I saw this bird siting on a wire above me and I swear it reminded me of this very same grandfather- He was pretty small, with a perfectly bold, round head, a big round tummy, and toothpick legs. And he laughed as much as he could ( which obviously birds do too), and kissed and hugged as much as he could much to my grandmas dismay- (nothing notty really, she just thought he should be more serious, you know dignified...)
8. a husband who gets as excited with his work as I do with mine...
9. miles upon miles of land and sea between me and people I love but can't be close to-
10. icecream on Friday evening....yea-
Have a lovely weekend!

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June rhymes with moon said...

Awww, thanks! But I don't know that we're so least I'm not :)

I like the rest of your list, too.