Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mid week cooldown

Listening to the birds again- Another scanned image- finally I can enjoy the white! I learned a lesson yesterday, a lesson about whining- I am not only responsible for my thoughts and my choices but also for my emotions- the world is moving ahead , doing lovely artwork, getting things done, so if I chose to wallow on pointless self-pity, well ...

I guess its OK to air one's grievances with the cosmos once in a while- and the cosmos benignly nods and says : 'OK. girl, here's a tissue, now just get on with it'-
The rose is for you all-

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our little love nest said...

It is lovely how creation brings such joy even when some things feel so very sad, like when I get homesick and go out for a walk and see beautiful blackberries like the ones at Jericho Beach and it is like going back home in my mind for a moment. xo