Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday after the inner storm

The lovely thing is that you can choose your thoughts.. But here is the thing- lets say on Sunday I really focused on allowing joy into my life, all was lovely on Sunday, I chose my thoughts carefully, Monday morning I woke up with a horrific nightmare-the mind plays tricks- oh no you won't get out of my negative grip,..., every early childhood rejection will follow you till you are eighty and toothless (again)...Blasted brain... I know these tricks by now and managed to get out of it- I can choose what I think- and I can choose to celebrate who I am and who I was!
So I used my scanner this morning to make sure these images have no shadows.

This one is from the studio downtown, I love her earthiness and her strength, she is one who is not afraid to burn the bridges if the bridges lead to a mess-

And a last note with the girl with the perfect dress sense-
Have a lovely day!


June rhymes with moon said...

Thank you for sharing your story! I think we all (artists or not) have a hard time when we think we don't measure up. I am always trying to tell myself that the reason my work is worthwhile is because it's mine and isn't trying to be like someone else's work (even if they are popular, successful, etc).

And I looove using my scanner instead of having to photograph my work! I'm not much of a photographer and it's so hard to get things looking on a computer screen the way they look in person :)


caramela said...

Janelle thank you for not telling me to stop whinning...-I was a bit wasn't I?
Yes about the scanning, isn't it so much more user-friendly? I think my next investment will be purchasing Photoshop.