Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A list of the joys of the last couple of days...

1. I won a brooch! It came all the way from Australia just for me! Reread makes the prettiest brooches from old children's books...now I wonder why my brooch says 'no cakes'- is that a command? a warning? a gentle reminder of my Mediterranean pear-shape that has to be kept under leash? Hmmm, I will try Reread, I will try , but I am afraid if the right cake comes along .....Thank you Reread!

2. More lovelies in the mail!!! Elk sent this beautiful ATC for me and a 'heartfull' for Lucy too!
Now how gorgeous are these!! and what lucky girls are we! The little birds here carry messages of friendship , creativity , and having a 'heartfull' of joy!!! Have you visited Elk' s blog? It's a stream of the most exquisite poetry in daily photos and thoughts... Thank you Elk!

3. Nigel and I watched 'Julie and Julia' and its one of those films that stay with me for days on end and makes me all happy and warm inside and I am afraid abit hungry as well- particularly for all things cooked in butter!!! (I cried allot too,OMG, I cry when something makes me happy now-not just a sniffle, but a stream of tears-)

4. The living room area, the kitchen and Lucy's room are almost finished and thoroughly clean! Now I need to move my studio downstairs, to a much larger room that I hope will help the creative process unfold in an uninterrupted flow (haha)...

5. The sky yesterday evening was a delicate, exquisite pink , the air so fresh, the temperature perfect, at the end of the day our walks by the sea wall are true blessings...I am loving this summer!

What joys have come your way lately?


Stacy said...

Congrats on winning the brooch! It's lovely. Perhaps it is a warning not to feed cakes to birds? :o)

The ATC is gorgeous. Wow, the post is bringing you so many lovely things.

I tend to cry a lot at movies, too. It can be the silliest teen romantic comedy, and I will cry.

Your description of your walk by the sea wall is inspiring. I have huge, mature trees outside my living room window that bring me joy ... I love being surrounded by trees and the critters that make them their home.

Kylie said...

What a lovely collection of joys, Annamaria! Congratulations on your wonderful gifts and prizes. I love ReRead and Elk. Thanks for your comments and synopsis of Julie and Julia - it sounds fabulous. Have to check out the video store.
Question: why do we still call it a video store when they only do DVDs?!... Probably the same reason why I still call CDs "records" I guess! Old age ;)
So inspiring to hear of your progress in the house. I've started trying to make sense of my desk space... very challenging! Thanks for another lovely lovely post! K x

annamaria potamiti said...

Thank you Goldenbird and Kylie for the sweet comments-
so lovely to see you here!

Woollywotnots said...

Lovely list of joys. I always think it is a lovely thing to do, to reflect on every day inspiration and the things that are making us happy. The film sounds good, I'll have to get a copy too. Congratulations on winning the brooch!

annamaria potamiti said...

Thank you Katharine of Woollywotnots, (I like the sound of that , it sounds so regal!! )

our little love nest said...

I love that brooch!! Congrats on the gifts and prizes! You so beautifully described all the good stuff life is bringing your way. I love it!
My joys are our children's giggling today, getting to see the lovely art council building in our little city (the ceiling there is incredible) and the yummy honey jasmine iced tea I made this week from the purchases of our trip to the Chinese market.

Amanda Nicole said...

Quite a lot of lovelies! I agree, the evenings have been very kind lately :)