Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday's mini-interview with Sarah

What inspires you?

Many things inspire me. In looking back over my work I notice that I am drawn to subjects that have both aesthetic value and social or cultural significance. No matter what the subject, my work contains repetitive shapes and vibrant colours.

How do you turn your inspiration into art?

Turning inspiration into art can take on many forms. Often I take photographs of the subject I am interested in, the salmon run, bathers on the beach, consumer goods etc, then I put all the photos on a board in my studio at home. The photos become paintings as I layer drawings, paints, textures over the canvas or board. Each piece can be based on a particular photograph or on several put together depending on how the composition works.

How do you balance your commitments to family and making art?

Balancing family life with my job, teaching art, and then finding time for my own art is a challenge. I did a bunch of work before my son was born last year and then making art went out the window for a while, although I have participated in three exhibitions since his arrival. I have a backlog of ideas and not enough time to see them to fruition. Enjoying life with my son is a priority right now and as he is getting more independent I am finding pockets of time to keep my art practice alive.

Thank you Sara so much for the insight into your life and art practice!!
If you would like to find out more about Sara take a look at Sararaco Designs here
Have a lovely Monday xxoo


our little love nest said...

Wow! Stunning work! Off to check out more. What a great interview, Annamaria. I love it! xo said...

Lovely interview. so interesting to hear another perspective. I love the photo of Sarah with Ronan.

Kylie said...

That was a fabulous interview, Annamaria! I love her honesty and optimism too. You are so good for showcasing other artists here. I'm feeling the love :) K

annamaria potamiti said...

Thank you Dee, Katharine and Kylie- so absolutely lovely to see you here-

Annamaria xxx :)

Laura said...

thanks for this, annamaria! sarah's work has an amazing sense of motion.