Sunday, February 21, 2010

Doing the Olympic walk

We had to do the 'Olympic' thing downtown...Everyone was trying to get a picture of the flame! I think it would be a project in itself to photograph people taking photos.

The city was partying. It has been partying for the whole week. A sea of happy people. Even in line ups. I was talking to a woman(in a line up) and she said she extended her stay here by a week, and will be ever so sad to leave!

There is definitely 'magic' on the streets!

And 'art on trees'...

And as expected, it all ended with a delicious dessert and the best coffee in town (or so I was told).
A little after cheesecake I had the pleasure of listening to some Dylan Thomas reading his poetry courtesy of ii-ne-kore-
That inspired me to suggest that you might (or really you must!) also take a listen to Elizabeth Bartlett's 'Painting of a bedroom with cats.'


our little love nest said...

I love all of the fun colours in these photos. They make it feel like a party. I wish I was Lucy for a day! She is so lovely and she gets cheesecake that looks deliciously decadent. This post made me want to go home so badly!!

caramela said...

It is very decadent this cheesecake-every portion is for three people at least.We had no other lunch obviously- it was an one off thing but terrificaly good!
Annamaria xx

Kylie said...

It looks like a party town alright! :) and those bluer than blue skies! How beautiful. Miss Lucy is looking so gorgeous - what a poetic face she has.... and speaking of poetry, I loved it. Thank you :) Kx